We are a 100% student run startup


Our Team

Our venture is organized with a Board of Directors, all who have equal power. 


Stephane Hatgis-Kessell - Director of Technology

Stephane Hatgis-Kessell, aged 16, has always had a passion for science and engineering from his early years. Since 2013, he has dedicated hours upon hours to designing and programming the Hephaestus Hand, named after the Greek god of smithing and sculpting. Together with the team at Spark Tank and professionals from Columbia University, he has refined the design and the code of the Hephaestus Hand, and continues to work diligently, striving to provide the disadvantaged with comfortable futures.


Ananya Mallik - Director of Marketing

Ananya Mallik, aged 16, always was fascinated with the field of business, specifically in the fields of marketing and finance. Being involved in Hephaestus Hand has allowed her to use and grow her skill-set in marketing. She currently oversees the pilot program with the initial set of users and is in constant communication with them to implement their feedback so that the prosthetic hand is more accessible and higher quality for future users.

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Satish Natarajan - Director of Outreach

Satish Natarajan, aged 16, has always had an innate interest in engineering and business. Wanting to find a way to merge those two interests, he joined Hephaestus Hand, and used the skills he had in robotics and business from past experience to further the company. He has, with the rest of the team, contacted amputees to begin testing the product, so that in the future, those who do not have access to expensive prosthetics can live comfortably.


Phoebe Chen - Director of Operations

Phoebe Chen, aged 15, was always very intrigued in the field of business, even as a child. Getting involved in Hephaestus Hand has allowed her to learn to communicate with the customer segments of the product. Together with the other team members, she reached out to amputees to allow for a headstart on the marketing component of the prosthetic. She hopes to continue to learn and expand on the availability and potential of the product in the future.

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Preston Ho - Director of Finances

Preston Ho, 17 years old, grew up in Los Angeles, a city notorious for business. Through the influence of his parents, both real estate developers, Preston has developed an innate interest for business. As someone who is well spoken, direct, and intuitive, he joined Hephaestus Hand under the impression gaining more experience as well as to use his skills to lead the business to success.